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Get ready to visit our comprehensive catalog. Everything from a Chronological Order of Events that's able to be sorted to a large portion of our data. Some of the data we collected ourselves, an entity that has done government work secured the most data from individuals involved in conducting this Comprehensive Technology Abuse against me and a larger, coordinated effort. It includes video, audio, screen shots from their computers and phones and three technologies so sophisticated it's difficult to understand they exist. You can not purchase them. A lot of the data contains my personal matters. audio and video secured by others of me in the car, at home, etc.-They are embarrassing, and painful. Some are already public. -We then correlate those postings to responses from certain individuals and accounts. Including voice calls to me. In several instances, I was able to conduct a meeting while people (we know who) was sending me DMs and short code advertisements containing remarks to statements I made in my meetings and instructing me what to say. With about a 3 minute delay or less.