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    This Too Shall Pass


    "This too shall pass." It's an expression some say while enduring life's occasional horribleness. Usually, it does. This time, it's me that's going to pass. As I look back at the Chronological Order of Events, all the data, evidence, information, and intel along with all of the qualified experts, it overwhelms the mind how I'm still here now. One particular event stands-out in the affidavit and evidence being released tomorrow: July 23, 2018. (It's not that I want it out. I don't need it out. I can't stand living it.)

    Here: I'll give you a hint: 3:13 refers to an outgoing call I made to my doctor's assistant, "DD" after being subjected to another very serious event. Later, the call to my private doctor was posted. The tragedy and damages I've endured from certain participants are finally going to end with my passing.



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